The idea of this Open Science Escape Room came from Katrine Sundsbø at the University of Essex1. Their version of the Open Access Escape Room was launched at the Open Access Week in 2018. The original idea took place in an actual physical space, in this case the university library. While this might have been possible in “The Before Times”, COVID has inspired us to adapt the idea into an online version so participants can engage from the comfort of their couch. While parts of the narrative are identical to the original idea, moving the escape room to an online forum did force us to think of new challenges and puzzles that one can solve on a computer screen. In the spirit of open access, everything needed to set up the original (physical) escape room is available on figshare 2. Naturally, everything required to set up, run, and host this online version of the escape room is available in a public GitHub repository 3.


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