Hi, I’m Robin!

I’ll be your host in this game. In the year 2060 all research will be published with no costs for readers or authors. This is called Diamond Open Access. In 2020 it is a bit different, and making research available for free can be… well, expensive or time consuming. You’re probably wondering why I’ve invited you here. As supporters of Open Access, I need your help. The villain, Dr. Springer, has locked away all research behind high walls. Your task is to unlock the research and make everything free to …

Dr. Springer:

FREE!? What about me? What am I supposed to live off? I am the expert on how knowledge is supposed to be distributed. I can distribute the research I’ve locked down to all of you… for a small price. Making everything open was a huge mistake. Nothing is controlled anymore. Anyone can read about anything with no filter. Nobody is making any money. Look at this, hardly anything left! (*points to large piggy bank filled to the brim with large coins*) I will shut EVERYTHING down. Not just the research in Norway. EVERYTHING!! Then I will make you pay. MUHAHAHA


Oh dear… You must stop Dr. Springer before he locks down everything! There is a rumour that there are two ways to making everything open again; the Green and the Gold Route. You must choose one!